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Cartier Farms was started in 1995.  We do not do any boarding or have any lesson horses.  On site stalls open for training horses.  Truck in's welcome for lessons, as well as traveling to individual farms and barns working with clients who have their own horses.  All students are encouraged to be well rounded and are expected to practice good sportsmanship/horsemanship and hard work.       


Kimberly has been involved with horses for over thirty years. She has been competing since 1984 and has ridden many disciplines over her career.  She has focused on and successfully competed in eventing through preliminary and dressage through fourth level in Area I and II and show jumping though the 1.30 meter division both locally and nationally.  Eventing students accepted from Intro through Preliminary.  Kimberly specializes in Thoroughbreds, but enjoys all breeds of horse. She has attended specialty equestrian schools and programs including Stoneleigh Burnham School and The University of New Hampshire's Equine Science Program.  Kimberly has trained with many top instructors over her career including Denny Emerson, Pam Goodrich, Cindi Rose Wylie, Lisa Roulx Nevins, Adam Cropper and Mina Payne Cooper.  Kimberly had the opportunity to ride with two time Olympic show jumping silver medalist Greg Best and his wife, New Zealand Grand Prix show jumper, Kim Best in New Zealand winter 2007/2008 which was an incredibly valuable and educational experience!  She has participated in clinics, some of which were with David O'Connor,  Christoph Hess, Michael Matz, George Morris, Bruce Davidson, Greg Best and Chris Hickey to name a few .  Continuing her education and training is the key to being well rounded in working with so many horses and riders.  New ideas, methods and training philosophies help to offer multiple approaches to a vast number of situations.   HORSE AND RIDER SAFETY ARE PARAMOUNT.  Kimberly retired in October 2008 as Firefighter/ Lieutenant and EMT of 15 years which emphasizes her discipline and dedication to safety.  Helmets are required for all riders.  

"I enjoy each of my students, I teach because I love it.   I want each person who rides with Cartier Farm's to be committed, passionate about riding and enjoy it as much as I do.  I love to show and I thrive on the progress and success of my students." 


Cartier Farms lesson program is geared to each individual horse and rider combination.  From the first lesson on, the rider and instructor work together to obtain the best possible results.  Once a goal is set, we work from there to reach it. Whether a horse needs to work out behavioral/confidence issues or be more polished for competing at the upper levels.  We believe in helping people understand their horses.  Each horse and rider are very unique and we try to emphasize to students that there are many methods to accomplish the same result.  

Working with a number of abused/neglected and off the track horses which has taught the importance of teamwork.  The main goal is to take the frustration many riders feel, out of riding.  Having worked with several horses deemed useless or "bad" with great success, we do not "Break" horses.  The focus is to help the horse understand what is being asked and then teach them how to do it.  We do promote discipline in horses, but  will not force an animal to do something they are clearly not cut out for.  There must be a mutual respect between horse and rider.  Each rider/client must commit to hard work and regular work for their horse to have a positive outcome.  There are no "quick fix's" in riding.  Horses learn though consistency and repetition of the correct methods. Riders and owners must be patient and willing to put the time into their horses in order to receive a long term positive result. 

The approach to training is much the same as our lesson program.  Each horse is evaluated and then a program is developed with the owner and trainer that best suits the horse and owner .   

 Cartier Farm's has a very accomplished equestrian team, which is highlighted at the year end annual awards banquet!  Our students success speaks for itself with many top honors, including multiple qualifications for the American Eventing Championships, year end high point awards and consistently high show placings.


 If you have additional questions or would like more information, please do not hesitate to email or call.  Thank you for your interest in Cartier Farms.


Current Memberships, Certifications & Affiliations  
bulletUnited States Eventing Association
bulletUnited States Dressage Federation
bulletUnites States Equestrian Federation
bulletNorth Carolina Dressage and Combined Training Association
bulletEastern Dressage and Combined Training Schooling Association
bulletAmerican Saddlebred Horse Association
bulletAmerican Saddlebred Sport Horse Program
bulletMA Licensed Riding Instructor


Awards, Highlights and Publications  
bullet1989 - 1997 Numerous wins and placings through Preliminary level at USEA recognized events
bullet1998 H.I.T.S power and speed jumper class 4th out of 40
bullet1998 H.I.T.S Mini Prix 6th out of 32
bullet2008 Spent some time winter of 2008 and rode with Greg Best and his wife, Grand Prix rider Kim Best, at their home base in New Zealand.
bullet2008 TWHBEA Gaited Dressage Coach, Dignitary, Team Rider and Ambassador for the Yankee Walkers - Gaited Horses of New England at Equine Affair, Springfield. MA
bulletFebruary 2011 - Kimberly was Awarded the 2011 Stoneleigh Burnham School "Equestrian Wall of Fame"
bulletFebruary 2011 - Chosen as Guest Clinician/Speaker - Stoneleigh Burnham School "Equestrian Wall of Fame" presentation weekend
bulletJuly 2012 - Eventing Pointers Article guest trainer - published in The Equine Journal
bullet2012 ASHA Sport Horse Challenge - Kimberly and Wasabi placed 13 nationally in the Dressage Division
bullet2012 ASHA National High Point Champion in the Eventing Division - Kimberly and Wasabi
bullet2013 NHDEA Champions in the Open Three Phase Eventing Division - Kimberly and Wasabi
bullet2013 ASHA Sport Horse Challenge - Kimberly and Wasabi Champions in the Eventing Division
bullet2013 ASHA National High Point Champion in the Eventing Division - Kimberly and Wasabi
bullet2013 ASHA Region 12 Champion in the Eventing Division - Kimberly and Wasabi
bullet2014 ASHA National High Point Reserve Champion in the Eventing Division - Kimberly and Wasabi
bullet2014 ASHA Region 12 Champion in the Eventing Division - Kimberly and Wasabi









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