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Kim is a fantastic trainer!!  When other trainers were nervous to get on my 18+hh 5 year old just barely backed Belgian Warmblood, Kim was up to the task and jumped right in to help me.  She did a wonderful job with him.  She was quiet and patient which is exactly what Gaelic needed.  She was never intimidated by his size and saw him as the green gentle soul that he was.  She also helped me get my older TB gelding back into working shape.   I can't say enough about Kim; she has a great demeanor and a wonderful way of explaining things so that even the greenest of riders can understand.   She has always been there to help me and give me advice.   Even with me still being up north in Maine and she being down south, she is always available to help me through anything.  She wasn't only my trainer, she became a great friend!!



Kelly H & Gaelic and Beane

"I began working with Kim around 2006 with a desire to event but little experience jumping or doing dressage work. Thanks to her dedication and focus on instilling strong basics I have gone from trotting cross rails to competing in USEA recognized Novice events. In 2012 and 2013, my horse Jet and I, qualified for the American Eventing Championships at the Beginner Novice and Novice Levels.  She has been an invaluable mentor every step of the way from the purchase of my first horse to guiding me through my first three phase to teaching me the finer points of stable management.  Kim is an inspiring role model and I cannot thank her enough for all she has taught me."


Devon & Jet


 I can not express how grateful I am for having found Kim. I adopted a lovely five year old gelding who needed a home. He had an accident when first being backed and was a shy timid boy. I knew that I needed to have a professional work with him in order to get him ready for a forever home. Kim has exceeded my expectations at every step of the process.

     Kim takes the time and has the ability  to conceptualize the horse's needs from many points of view: equine psychology, nutrition, conditioning, and training. She combines her wisdom with compassion and integrity and helps horse owners to be better horsemen not simply riders. It has been a relief and a wonderful experience to watch this horse blossom into a beautiful, well mannered , capable horse. I was impressed with Kim's honesty and her attention to detail. She does not skip any steps or take short cuts to build excellence in the horse and rider. She has been a wonderful teacher to me as well and has taken the time to answer all my questions and help with all aspects of caring for and bring along this horse. If you are looking for excellence, honesty and integrity in a equine trainer Kim is the person you want working with you. I can not recommend her more strongly!

With much gratitude,

Michelle and Sabi 

"29 of my 34 years of life has been spent riding and working with horses, so when I fell in love with a 6 month old Sport Horse prospect (a Percheron/Arabian cross) I did not hesitate to make him mine. I soon realized that despite my years of preparation for the moment I could take a horse from the ground up, I was a little over my head. I searched for a highly qualified trainer willing to travel and was thrilled to find Kimberly, and she was local! Our initial meeting went very well, Kim came to the facility where I
board and spent some time with my 2 year old gelding, her response to meeting him was, "you have got your hands full with this one!" She now understood why I called her. I was extremely impressed with how she handled him, but when we started discussing her philosophies and methods it became crystal clear that I had found my new trainer.

There are plenty of trainers in the horse world who would use their impressive credentials as an excuse to charge enormous training fees, but Kim keeps her fees reasonable so that anyone can afford to get the best training possible. Her passion for good honest horsemanship sets her apart from other trainers, she understands that every horse is different and molds each training program to fit
the individual horse. After only 2 months of working with us the transformation in my yearling has truly been unbelievable! He's gone from being an unruly bully to a respectful young horse enjoying his program.

I cannot thank her enough for all the good she has done for us already, Kimberly gives ME the guidance I need to provide my horse with guidance HE needs. I look forward to a fun-filled future of eventing with my gelding beneath me and Kim by my side."  

Heather & Tryst



Kim was highly recommended to me by the barn manager at the facility I have been boarding at.  I had been out of the horse world for several years, thinking I would never be lucky enough to own a horse again.  Low and behold, I was suddenly blessed with Jessie, a TB/Paint cross.  Here I was, starting all over, and needing everything from a lead rope to a trainer.  I wanted someone I could trust and rely on.  

There are no words to describe how much both Jessie and I have improved due to Kim's dedication and unique method of teaching.  We have been working together for about 15 months.  She takes everything into consideration, the rider's current ability and passion.  The horses attitude and athletic ability.  From there she put together a plan that would work for Jessie and I.  Custom to our needs and wants.  Every other trainer I have worked with seems to always get you some improvement, and then all of a sudden goes back to basics.  So you and your horse never really advance.  I was immediately impressed with Kim during my first lesson.  When she told me "You will know everything I know", it was then that I knew I was finally going to learn to ride properly.  

Kim is not "just a trainer", she cares about you and your horse.  She wants you and your horse to obtain the goals you have set, and she will do whatever it takes to get you both there, safely, professionally and still manages to keep it fun.  

Thanks Kim!

Lisa and Jessie


When my horse Comet and I first started working with Kim we had no direction, and I felt like we were never going to go anywhere.  Now I no longer feel frustrated after a ride. 

After riding with Kim for a year, I feel proud of Comet and myself after a ride. We are a totally different pair today then we were a year ago: Cometís trot is smoother, and he has started to relax his neck muscles and my confidence as a rider has gone (way) up. She has taught me how to effectively communicate with my horse and is helping us build a good foundation so that we can do anything we want correctly.

  I look forward to my lessons every week.  Kim creates the perfect learning environment. She has a way of empowering you to do your best, but at the same time she never makes you feel wrong for making a mistake.

Kim doesnít lie to you or make things seem easy.  She tells the truth, and if you listen to her, and work hard you can get the horse you dreamed of, and become the rider your horse dreamed of.

Thank you Kim!

Breeanna and Comet


ďWe approached Kim a year ago with a request to instruct our two daughters and train their horses to become Eventers. Due to Kimís dedication, talent, and professional approach we are about to see our girlís dream come true. We could not be more pleased with our relationship.Ē  

Thanks Kim,

Brian and Wanda     


"Kimberly paid the greatest attention to detail. Her dedication and conviction proved a great asset in finding the right home for our horse Chief. Kimberly's performance was outstanding and I would highly recommend her to everyone."

Good Luck in the future Kim!



"I am very pleased that I found Kim to work with.  I have two Arab mares. My youngest mare was delivered to me from North Dakota.   I trained her myself and was very proud of this. However, I realized that my young horse needed some fine tuning.  I especially did not want her to become a 'one woman horse' like my other one is.  So, of course, I had to face the prejudice some trainers/barns have about the Arabian breed.  I was able to locate multiple trainers who would either take my young mare for 1-3 months to "finish her" or I could drag my horse over to a stable 2-4x/week to have more lessons. This was not what I wanted and the multiple offers were costly and time consuming. In addition, I did not want my horse taken from her home and I wanted her to be trained on her own turf.  I also wanted her to be trained with Kim on her while I rode my other mare because that was the ultimate goal - for both mares to be ridden on the trails with my special needs adult daughter and I riding together.

Well...we did it.  I was completely comfortable with Kim from the day I met her.  She used her professional horse and people skill and assessed our needs and met them seamlessly. Kim is who she is.  She is warm, friendly, open minded and doesn't have the "airs" some horse folks seem to have.

I met many wonderful people through her and miss her dropping by for our rides. I couldn't compliment her more!"


I was referred to Kim 3.5 years ago by the NH Horse Council at Equine Affaire.  Since then, I've been at 3 different barns and the best thing is that she has trained me at all 3 barns.  Last year, she helped me in buying my horse, Livita.  the search was long (7months) but well worth the wait.  We looked at many horses and there were many conformation or temperament issues I would've completely overlooked if it weren't for her.  Livita is everything I could've ever hoped to find in a horse - talent plus excellent disposition all wrapped into one.  Beyond helping me find Livita and providing lessons/training for these past few years, she's also coached me at events... from dressage to 3phases.  She is extremely supportive and helpful from the day before the show to the schooling arena to being there at each phase for pre/post comments.  Every event I've competed in since being in training with Kim I've felt completely prepared for.  Prior to my first 3phase, we trailered to Kingsbury Hill and schooled their x-country course, for example. 

I also wanted to add that she doesn't push the rider or horse beyond where it should be training.  I've ridden several horses and each horse has an individual training program designed for it based on its needs.  An example is my current horse Livita - she was completely out of condition when I bought her and Kim had us work on a very slow conditioning program to *correctly* build her muscles.  This has brought out an amazing dressage horse.  

Thank you very much for your patience and support, Kim.

 - Liberty  and Livita


My horse and I had recieved instruction from Kim in dressage and eventing for two and a half years. When I met Ace he was a very green, insecure 4 year old who was being used for lessons and rented out to the public at a large commercial stable. He had developed a severe spooking habit and could be very disobedient and disrespectful. I cared about this horse and could see the basic goodness in him, but I was not progressing in my riding with him, and the situation was becoming dangerous for both of us. I moved him to a private stable in my neighborhood and immediately called Kim. The owner of the stable and I were very impressed with the first lesson. I knew at once she was the teacher I was looking for. I am now able jump a course of fences, negotiate a small cross country course, and enter dressage competitions successfully. I am also able to ride on the many trails near my house, with or without other horses, at all gaits. More importantly, our relationship is now one of mutual respect, and is very enjoyable. My confidence and riding ability have improved dramatically, and I have received many compliments on Ace's ground manners.  Kim is always continuing her education with top riders, which she brings back to her students in their lessons. Ace and I are very fortunate to have had her as our instructor!



We met Kim quite a few years back and thought of her instantly when we needed assistance with our recent addition - an off the track Thoroughbred. We knew Kim specialized in OTTB's.  We enjoyed every minute we spent with her and appreciate everything she did for us and our Thoroughbred. She encouraged rather than discouraged us when we took on a rather difficult Morgan. She gave us hope when others told us we should rid ourselves of her ASAP. We would definitely recommend Kim to anyone needing a knowledgeable, disciplined, dedicated and compassionate instructor. 

Thank you Kim for all your help!

Linda and Aryka 

Kim has been my instructor/trainer for all of the 5 years I have owned my horse. She started as my daughter's instructor 2 years prior to me acquiring my horse.  Semper Fi aka Rusty is a now 15 year old OTTB. He was on the track for 8 years and then purchased as a jumper. He was not sound for this type of work so Rusty and I were very lucky to have found each other.

Thanks to Kim, we have grown together and now have an unbelievable partnership. We have worked hard in our discipline (Dressage) and hopefully will be moving up to First Level this season. Kim makes me work hard and I feel good about my accomplishments. I have become so much more confident in my riding. Rusty and I would not be where we are today if it had not been for Kim. I would recommend her as an instructor for anyone who is serious about their riding and also for anyone who has an OTTB. She is GREAT!

Kelly  and Rusty






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